BSI-Crowd Control is new, yet old. How can that be? We're glad you asked, our company and our passion is new. But our durable products and experience have a vast history.

In 1984, Brass Smith Inc. began building traditional post and rope crowd control systems. In 1987, Brass Smith Inc. introduced the first American made retractable belt system, known as Beltway. In 2005, the owner of Brass Smith, Inc. decided to retire and divided the company into three distinct product lines. One product line went to a supplier, one to a competitor, and the crowd control line to an employee, Doug Aden. Doug then formed BSI-Crowd Control and encouraged those employees that contributed to its previous success to join him. We believe this rich history and experience, combined with the opportunity to focus solely on the crowd control market, positions us for excellent market growth.

Not only did the sales staff, production, and production support staff join with Doug, but so did his father, his wife and five young boys. Combining generations and many ethnic groups with one common goal of building the highest quality crowd control systems, we will provide you with durable products for many years to come.

We generally market our products, Beltway posts and Traditional post and rope systems, along with their accessories, through the catalogs of the largest distribution and highest profile dealers in the country. We are pleased to have added many new dealers. Our commitment to personalized customer service and faster delivery times will remain our competitive advantage as we expand into new markets and opportunities.

You have probably seen our quality posts at banks, airports, hotels, casinos, cruise lines, theme parks, stadiums, commissaries, restaurants, universities, retail stores, museums, hospitals, schools, and any other public space. When out and about it is always one of our pleasures in life to see our posts that were delivered several years ago still in daily operation.

All of us at BSI-Crowd Control want to extend our deepest gratitude to our customers for their continuous support. It is our hope that we receive feedback from you on the things you like or would like to see, so we can continue to improve and solidify our position as your preferred crowd control supplier.

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