Traditional Queuing Finishes

Traditional Metals

Polished Brass (10) with Brass Master

Satin Brass (11) with Brass Master

Polished Chrome (20)
Polished Stainless (25)

Satin Stainless (26)
Brass Master is a low-maintenance, high temperature, transparent powder coating for brass. Brass Master is proven to extend finish luster for years and increases resistance to wear.

Brass Master is even an approved brass finish for food services environments after passing impact and chemical resistance test by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Muted Metals

Smoke Copper (53)

Antique Brass (12)

Statuary Bronze (13)

Stock Luster Rail

Black (37)

Wrinkle Black (38)

Other potential Luster Rail Finishes

Hunter Green (30)

Navy Blue (31)

Burgundy (32)

Gray (33)

White (34)

Fire Engine Red (35)

Teal (36)

Verdigris (46)

Rust (47)

Sandstone (48)

Black Iron (49)

Retractable Belt Systems

Traditional Crowd Control
Traditional Rope Systems
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